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CVE - CVE-2016-4657と151.80.40.69ってDNSについては、それぞれ立てたひとが掲示板に書いてた

I've set up a custom dns which makes the switch think that your wifi has a "login-page" (like on some open wifi-hotspots) which makes your switch open a (very minimal) Web Browser with a simple website that just allows you to enter a link to go to it.

To use it just set your dns-settings to manual and your primary dns to (my server, I can just see what domains you're connecting to, not the part after the "/") or (thanks to svensonic1 for hosting the second one!). Press "Save" and then "Connect to this network". It will say that registration is required to use this network and after pressing next it will open a webpage where you can enter what url you want to go to.

If you want to disable it just change your dns back to automatic and press save.

Web Browser (kind of) on the switch! | - The Independent Video Game Community

This is not illegal or homebrew, it uses the DNS function of the Switch.
To use this little trick go to your WiFi settings, change your DNS to Manual and then type in either of these 2 IP's: (credits to jakibaki) or (I host this one, close to France) without a / at the end and just the IP.
Then click on "Connect to this Network" it will say that registration is required for the network and pressing next will open a page where you can enter in any website and it will go to that website :D
If you want to use your Switch normally again just change your DNS setting from Manual to Automatic.
Educational Purposes only, I'm not responsible if you go to websites that will do things to your Switch (luckily doesn't exist yet).
Huge credits to /u/jakibaki I just host one of the two DNS servers.
Awesome to try, YouTube doesn't work sadly I dont know about netflix etc though!

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